The Lyrics Behind ‘Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst’: What’s the Message?



‘Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst’ on Kendrick Lamar‘s latest album, resembles the reality of the issues affecting our society. The laid back and stimulating beat compliments the story that Kendrick has successfully unveiled through his lyrical talent. He speaks about topics of violence, AIDs, and exposes the everyday struggles of our youth. The talented artist has contributed to the gap of Hip-Hop by expressing real life situations in a creative and enlightening way. Many artists have shown their lack of consideration to their fans who actually look up to them. The effortless rhymes of some requires listeners to question the intentions behind them, but the silver lining to this issue is that there are musicians who still believe in the meaning behind Hip-Hop and are conscious of its power on our youth and society as a whole. The following portion of Lamar’s song, ‘Sing about me, I’m Dying of Thirst’ highlights the artist speaking on behalf of a woman who apparently sold her body, and literally faded away in the song. With this technique, Kendrick was able to strategically and vividly bring the lyrics to life.

“And if you have a album date, just make sure I’m not in the song
Cause I don’t need the attention bring enough of that on my own
And matter fact did I mention that I physically feel great?
A doctor’s approval is a waste of time; I know I’m straight
I’ll probably live longer than you and never fade away
I’ll never fade away; I’ll never fade away
I know my fate, and I’m on the grind for this cake
I’ma get or die trying, I’m eyeing every male gender with intentions of buying”

You can find the rest of the lyrics on 


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