DMVisionaries: Part 1 with Artist, John Rose

DMV’s talented John Rose goes without saying; his music reflects originality and efforts to contribute to the fact that Hip-Hop is still alive. Rose also participated in the soundtrack of the indie movie, “The Bully Avengers.” Check out his latest mix tape release, ‘Hate Part 2’.

“Never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult it may seem to accomplish it. Go Out & Get It.”-John Rose

Mixtape releasing in mid-January.

Mixtape releasing in mid-January.

I think you can incorporate a meaning towards any type of song.-John Rose 

John Rose: I’m a clean lyricist hip-hop artist. I rap, sing, songwrite, produce, engineer and more. I started writing poetry and making music at the age of 7. Music Is My Life. My management is DC Productions and I’m signed to Hot Track Records. My fans are my everything; my own team is Takeover Mob. My single “Cant Back Down” is the theme song for the movie “Bully Avengers” which you can learn more about at

Me: What part of the DMV are you from?

John Rose: Takoma Park, MD (which is also called East Takoma Sixxx)

Me: How long have you been making music?

John Rose: Eleven years now.

Me: Who did you listen to growing up and how have they inspired you to pursue music?

John Rose: 2pac, MJ, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Boys II Men, and many more. I was really shown about every type of genre of music when I was a kid, I love all types of music.

J.R's The Weekend CoverMe: What do you think is missing in the industry right now, and as an artist in the DMVhow would you fill in that gap?

John Rose: I think what is missing in the industry right now is Real Music, music with a meaning and music that can help people’s lives. Most music nowadays doesn’t really have much of a meaning. I think you can incorporate a meaning towards any type of song.

Me: What message would you give out to your fans now and once you have successfully made it in the industry?

John Rose: Never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult it may seem to accomplish it. Go Out & Get It.

Me: How would you describe the content and style of your music?

John Rose: Life. From R&B to Trap to Serious songs to Club joints. I try to incorporate every emotion in my music so everyone can relate to it instead of just one particular type of individual.

Me: Who are the current local artists that you’re supporting now and why?

John Rose: Tricky Dice, Ho Sway, Vito Brown, ShankDogg, Young Mobb, Chris Doz, Mercedes, Lady Xplicit, The Coalition, A. Greed, all the artists on my squad and the list goes on. I support them because they share the same ambition and dedication to the grind and to their music. It shows alot.

Me: Do you have any upcoming shows? If not now, which venues can they find you in the future?

John Rose: I will be going on tour this upcoming summer and spring. But for all info and shows and new material, check out my twitter – @jrthefuture, Facebook – DC Productions – J.R. , instagram – jrthefuture301 , etc.

 Me: If you could work with three artists right now in the industry (dead or alive), who would they be and why?

John Rose: Adele, Pac and Stevie Wonder they’re all magnificent artists and it would be an honor to make a song with either one of them because Pac and Stevie Wonder being two artists that i looked up to, i will always have the upmost respect for them and their music and Adele is real passionate when it comes to her vocals, that intrigues me.

Me: What’s your definition of an artist?

John Rose: A person that puts their life to their music. Their blood, sweat and tears.

Again, check out his mixtape:

J.R. and V-i Hate Pt. II


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