DMVisionaries Part 3: Artist Interview w/ Mario Steel


“Staying humble is not only important in the industry but just life…it can really dictate everything from the people you work with, to how you get work done. You won’t get anywhere if you aren’t humble in this game…simple and plain.”-Mario Steel

Mr. Mario Steel and his group, The Coalition, all bring fresh punch lines and rhymes to the single, ‘The Line Up’! Maryland native speaks on his bloodline of musical talent, and gives us a little knowledge of his music, and who he is as an artist. Don’t forget to check out his music and upcoming projects on: . You can also check out The Coalition’s music on,


What part of Montgomery County, MD are you from?

Silver Spring MD (12 Triple O Ferrara Ave.)

Who is your team?

My Team Is Live City ENT, which consists of my producer, DJ K.P, artist and engineer, Trus Real, all of my brothers in the Coalition, and myself (Steel) .

Name the artists in The Coalition?

The Coalition Consists of – Slim The Natural,Knowledge, NufSed, E-Skillz
,LJ Heiss, CM The MC, Outragis, Nemesis, Ox-Law, Mike B, Lou Skang, B Eazie, Trus Real, and myself.

How did you all come together as a group?

My producer K.P and one of the artist in the group (Zee Knowledge) had a discussion about collaborating/making some sort of super group to represent for the area…Those two reached out two all the MCs you saw on

“The Line-Up” Video, and the rest was history.

Name the producers that you work with?

The Best Kept Secret (CHI,DC), Frankie O’So Lovely(TX), Lu B (NJ) and of course, my in-house team (K.P And Trus Real).

Who produced ‘What ‘Chu Do to Me’ and who is featured in the song?

AAC (All Around Concepts) was on the production. The vocalist is Sage. 

What led you to pursue music?

I come from a family of singers and musicians. One of my grandfathers was in a soul group back in the 70’s called “The Hesitations,” and my other grandfather played instruments and sang really well. Five of my aunts were also entertainers in the inner city.

Who are your inspirations?

My inspirations: Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite), James Brown, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Doug E. Fresh, Biggie, Lloyd Banks ,Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9, and all the brothaz’ in my click. 

What do you think is missing in the industry, and how would you fill in that gap?

Honestly I feel like the game got a lil 2 hooked on “Swag” and lost all of its “Flava”…..and that’s what I feel I bring to the table…Flava..Also its cool to be a “Hard Rapper”..but everybody ain’t hard all the damn time….We need to get a little more real…So that’s what I plan to bring to the game once I make it… That “Real Flava”.

Describe Mario Steel in three words.

Calm, Optimistic, and Driven.

Describe the importance of staying humble in this industry.

Staying humble is not only important in the industry but just life…it can really dictate everything from the people you work with, to how you get work done. You won’t get anywhere if you aren’t humble in this game…simple and plain.

Who produced the songs, “Man Don’t Make ‘Da Man’ and ‘Bruce Wayne’?

A DJ for East Coast Flavor (ShoutOut 2 CEO) just tossed that “Man Makes The Money” beat on his site for everyone to see and said, “Do you!” So I tried to be the first one to grab it, I asked my brother Trus Real, to hop on it , and it came out really well .

As for “Bruce Wayne” that was produced by my Producer, DJ K.P it is originally for my homie, Bob Sice’s Mixtape entitled “I Killed ‘Yo Mixtape Bitch,” but he let me use it to promote me as well.

Have you ever battle rapped?

No, but a lot of my homies have been encouraging me lately so, you’ll never know…I might get into one in the future.

Do you have any upcoming projects or events?

I Do, I’m currently droppin’ my second mixtape, “This Is what I Do Pt.2 Steel On My Sh!t,” and me and my [brother] from the Coalition (LJ Heiss) are writing for project entitled, “Goin KNOWhere.” The Coalition as a unit is putting together a follow up mixtape, “LRB 1.5” TBD.


Where can your fans download your music?

Download his music and telephone App Here:

All Music from The Coalition Get It Here

Steel | Hip Hop from Silver Spring, MD

Music, lyrics, videos, concert schedule, and more at ReverbNation.


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