DMVisionaries Part 5 with Steve Smith

Steve Smith’s tracks like ‘Blessing Me’ feat. Skooda, and ‘Yesterday’ both illustrate stories of his personal struggle, and his strength and faith in God to keep moving forward towards his goals.

soundtrack to my high-smith I love to rap about my struggles as a kid. Everybody has had some type of pain in life. We can all relate somewhere…I try to stay conscious and relevant.-Steve Smith

Smith unveils his passion for expressing his experiences in his latest mixtape, ‘Soundtrack 2 My High’ that just dropped on

 What’s the name of your team, and who are all of the members?

Group was founded back in 2009 and consist of three artists, Mr.Paint Pictures (CEO), Skooda, and Lil Wyte. Steve Smith aka Mr. Paint Pictures formed the group with Jermaine Bermudez.

How did you all meet? 

Well actually I met Skooda through a neighborhood cypher and been tight like glue since … I then met lol Wyte who is long time friends with Skooda

What are the various concepts your music conveys?

I love to rap about my struggles as a kid. Everybody has had some type of pain in life. We can all relate somewhere…I try to stay conscious and relevant.

What makes your flow unique?

I would have to say being so versatile makes us unique …
no limit on what to talk about-we try to stay universal.

You mentioned that your music is sort of like the old school Bone Thugs N Harmony, would you personally agree?


Yes I agree with sounding similar to Bone Thugs n Harmony. But we also add originality and try to step out the box.

Describe the meaning behind some of your art.

I feel like my art tell my thoughts…the world is my canvas … To me it’s a one-way conversation where I can say anything and have no repercussions.

Do you have any featured artists in your upcoming project, MD Made Me? Any upcoming events?

On my upcoming project, I have features with a couple artists like Skooda, KayC, and I’m working with a new artist, Nae Major.

On the new tape I have all original sounds, new sound to music. I like to call it no genre…

“He Loves Us,” is one of my favorite tracks, who helped collaborate in that single?

KayC, singer/songwriter, is actually my little sister. She sent me this voice memo. I fell in love with the way she sounded- it had soul. I hooked just a clip of her voice and got inspired so I decided to dedicate it to the man upstairs.

What empowers your originality as an artist?stevesmithphoto

My love for the music, life, and things I have experienced has to be the inspiration. Plus I love to see the art come to life whether drawing or music.

If you could work with three famous artists, dead or alive, who would they be?

Phil Collins, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi

Describe your experience as an underground artist so far?

Right now I feel like I’m taking off, [I] feel great-I’m just embracing the music and enjoying the moment.

Name some of the DMV artists that you have collaborated or would collaborate with and why? (Optional)

I would love to work with Tiara Thomas-she’s amazing and so universal with her music.

In three words name what you could contribute to the industry?

Versatility, creativity, lyricism.


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