Featured Poem of the Month: The Abstract Minded

The world unknown shelters those alone,

Its waters reflect the abstract nature of mankind who strive to live, but oftentimes, walk around blind not fully knowing themselves…

yet expecting others to value what they sadly lack knowledge of-

 Self-sufficiency nurtures its residents,

Now filling the void of an inevitable win…


artistry intellects

From the result of wasted potential

Faith is now a victim of sin…

Now with eyes of an eagle (-fierce)!

Seeing through the midst of destruction…

Resilient wings of a vibrant phoenix,

lightsartElegantly rising from the ashes of obstruction…

Creativity inspires this optimist,

Wasted potential is undecided…

An Artistry Intellect =

The abstract minded,

Who are now sharing their vision & leading the way for those who are still misguided…



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