Quick Q&A from RapFiendENT Artist, Mr. PaintPictures

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects/shows?

A: I planned to drop the latest project entitled” The Highs And The Lows” No later than June/July 2015

PaintPerfect Pictures

Q: Describe the importance of originality in a commercial driven industry, and what empowers yours?

A: Originality is super important, yea we all get inspired by artists but to make something your own is what keeps the art going.
I believe what empowers me is the ability to create good original music. I like to say ” make something out of nothing ” I like to treat the record as a canvas as I paint away.

Q: How would you describe the style of your music?

A: The style of my music is no style. Creativity is key, as long as I am able to dream there is no genre or category I can place my music.

Q: What stories do you convey in your lyrics? –
A: I convey a lot of struggles. But I also like to speak on current feelings and emotions that are unscripted. I like for my lyrics to give visuals , miniature films.

PaintPerfect Pics2

Q: Elaborate on the importance of the lyrics and messages of a song?
A: A lot of mainstream music has those catchy hooks that bring the audience in. Lyrics wise artist don’t put too much into it. I like to analyze each bar before its recorded. For me it’s important the bars connect and not just fillers for a verse. A lot of artist tend to say things that don’t necessarily match with the song. When you listen to my music you can visualize what’s happening word for word.
Q: What were the most influential verses that you had to listen to repetitively and why?

I would have to say Kendrick Lamars Intro Verse to his mixtape “Overly Dedicated”. I was inspired to write immediately. His verse changed my outlook on a lot of things. My perspective on the rap game had changed full 180•. the way he said certain words and the energy influence me the most.


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